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"People's lives would be so much easier
if they would just listen to me!"
"90% of the problems in the world could be
solved with a good meal and a good fuck."
"Always Trust your Lust,
it's the only thing in your life that will never lie to you. "
"If you're not obsessed with something,
you are wasting your potential."
"I'm a Witch without a village,
a shaman without a tribe."
: "If you're going to feel guilty, don't do it.
If you do it, do it well and don't feel guilty."
"Sexuality is not an either/or proposition."
"A Woman's Sexual and Reproductive Autonomy are Sacred and Absolute."
: "Politics is all about Pussy."
"When in doubt, FUCK."
"Sometimes you have to love your Children enough not to have them."
"Abortion shouldn't just be legal, it should be free."
"Your choice of Religion determines your politics ..."
"Sex without a sense of Art is just exercise."
"Men are my favorite form of Art."
"Every time one of those creatures tries to think
for himself, he fucks something up."
"Short hair on a man is a sign of weakness and conformity."
"A man can never wear his hair too long or his pants too tight."
"There are no 'should's' "
"Art is all about the Boy"
"Anyone who is afraid of me needs to be...
but not for the reason they think."
"Life's a Bitch and then he marries one."
"Girls Love Gay Boys."
"We're all connected, each to the other,
indivisible from the loving body of our Mother."
"With Drugs all things are possible."
"Pretty people should Fuck - they should fuck each other, and everyone else that they can because thatís what theyíre for...
"Aesthetics is everything"
"Little things mean a lot to those who have nothing"
#29 :
"I'm an egomaniac with no self esteem
#30 :
" Fat chicks don't get Fairy Tale endings."
#31 :
"Never allow anyone to make you be less than you are."
#32 :
"The first step to accomplishing anything is to decide that it must be done."
#33 :
"I have more issues than the New York Times."
#34 :
"It's just another Republican trick to get a hold of your money."
#35 :
"I have no use for a man that can't wear a little eyeliner."
#36 :
"Be a Wolf. It's no challenge being a shepherd in a world full of sheep."
#37 :
"Gurus screw you."
"In real life, the Heroine doesn't get the boy, the heroin does."
#39 :
"Life is too short to drink cheap Tequila."
#40 :
"People who don't have tattoos have a problem with commitment."
#41. :
"The more you know about Magick, the less you feel the need to do it. "
"By Definition, the majority of people have mediocre tastes."
"I'm just waiting for the planets to align."
"Decision that's not best for you is not best for anyone."

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