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Morgaine (right) reading cards at J.C. Dobbs
with best friend, Andee


?What is Tarot?
?How to choose a Deck ?Morgaine's Cross Tarot Spread
?Why does Tarot Work?

What is Tarot

Tarot is a tool. That's it. No deep dark secrets, nothing evil or mysterious. It started out as a book of knowledge and has evolved into a tool for finding out more about yourself and your path in life. Reading Tarot is like looking at a map of your life. It shows where you've been, how you got there, and where you'll end up on your present course. If you don't like what you see, you use the cards to find a better course of action. Remember that the future is fluid. If your future were written in stone, there would be no point in reading the cards! You have Free Will, always. Use what you learn in your readings to use that Free Will to get the results you want in life.
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How to choose a Deck

I insist that all of my students start with the Connolly Deck. The colors are bright and suggestive, and the design is detailed without being too busy. They were designed by Eileen Connolly, who has written two wonderful books on traditional and modern Tarot symbols. Some Wiccens will object to the Christian imagery, but I find it very descriptive of the popular culture. We often find ourselves in situations that involve the religions of the dominant culture, and the cards are very straight forward in representing that. Another advantage to the deck is that there are no Devil or Death cards. These have been changed to Materialism and Transformantion, respectively, and this is much more in keeping with the real meaning of those cards. I have found that when reading for the public, there are some people who will not believe that Death doesn't mean just that, and I don't believe in scaring people I'm trying to help.
If you want to use a different deck, look for the following:
  • A reasonable amount of detail. too much or too little and you'll be struggling more than necessary.
  • Positive images - some decks make it difficult to get a good vibe.
  • The deck should not be overly stylized - all cats or dragons, etc. are nice for a collecion, but they are difficult to read with.
  • The minor arcana chould be illustrated with a scene, not just 5 Swords or 6 Pentacles.

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Morgaine's Cross Tarot Spread

This spread is unique. Only I and my students use it, and it must be credited to me if it is used. It is the result of my 31 years reading Tarot and is derived from the traditional Celtic Cross. The cards are as follows: How it differs from the traditional Celtic Cross: