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A Creation Story
The Essence of Wicce
Aphrodesian Wicce

A Creation Story

In the beginning there was Goddess. Swirling, smooth and succulent she pulsed an throbbed in glorious Be-ing. Love of herself swelled within Her and Her elements boiled and surged in glorious Know-ing.
Her rapture grew and finally burst forth in the Big Bang- the Primordial orgasm! The Goddess got off and in her ecstasy was Awareness born. In awareness was matter differentiated within Her great body and and existence as we know it began. The great birth of the atavistic divine brought forth planets and stars and all manner of things. Within Her the Earth and many others swirled in Beauty and began to surge in the wave of creation.
As above, so below -- the Earth followed Her and Earth's Creatures followed her-- Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny as birth follows birth follows birth- She birthing existence, existence birthing matter, matter issuing stars, stars the planets, the ocean-wombs of planets issuing one cell, two cells, Algae, plants, amphibious, mammalian blessed and beautiful Life, and all living things which continue now and ever in the joy of birth and life until we return to her.

The Essence of Wicce

A lot of Wiccans won't agree with what I am about to say. That's fine. The basic idea of Wicce is that you make your own covenant with the Goddess and follow your inner voice. I believe that many modern Witches have failed to rid themselves of their Judeo-Christian inhibitions. I've heard the term "Barbie Wiccans" used to describe those who would practice the craft while changing nothing in their beliefs. They still feel guilt for their "sins", they still yearn to sit a the feet of a "master" and they are still afraid of the Dark side of everything, including themselves.

For a Wiccan, there is no sin. Nothing to be forgiven, nothing from which you need to be saved. What you give, you get. Whether you believe in the "Three-fold Law" or not, you must acknowledge that you exist within a throbbing sea of energy. It flows through you, and around you and you cannot be separate from it. Send forth a splash and the sea splashes back. Always.

There are no "masters" in Wicce. We are each perfectly connected to the Goddess and need no intermediary. "Masters" have slaves and The Charge of the Goddess states that "Ye shall be free from Slavery." If you were raised in the Dominant Culture in America in the late 19th century, you were taught to be a sheep. To follow the flock, to do what is expected, to never question authority especially when that "authority" takes the form of an enlightened or anointed individual. Flocks are lead to slaughter. To be Wiccan is to be a Wolf in the world of sheep. Why a Wolf and not a Shepherd? Because there is no challenge becoming a shepherd in a world full of sheep. There is nothing positive to be gained. In manifesting the Wolf, you become free, wild and natural, your true self.

Whatever you find your true self to be, you will find that it contains light and dark. We are all familiar with the New Age concept of Light energy as preferable to dark energy. The problem with that is that you have exactly as much power as you have anger and passion. If you are never allowed to express a negative emotion, you can't be fully Human, let alone fully Wiccan. If you can't handle that, stay away from Wicce. Meditate, chant, pray, but don't do ritual and don't call yourself a Witch.


Aphrodesian Wicce

Never heard of Aphrodesian Wicce? That's because you haven't studied with me. It's a system I developed, and it isn't for everyone. I believe in a feminine universe and that universe includes the masculine as a mother's body includes a child. Many modern Wiccans practice systems that strongly emphasize balance and dualities. I believe that this is the imposition of "masculine" symbols to "feminine" energies, and I don't think it's healthy. Not for the Witch, and not for the Craft as a whole.

Let's start by defining our terms.
Left BrainRight Brain
Prime NumbersEven numbers

More coming soon!

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